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Where can I even start... over the last decade Latin Sol has been a huge part of who I am and what my culture represents. We are here to give and receive a good time, all the time!

We understand that during this pandemic we had to put a pause to many things. We may have paused our music shows, but we are working hard each and every day to book and come back stronger than ever... Latin Sol will not put an end to our music or what we came here to do, which is to put on a damn good show!

So now I say, the show must go on! We will continue to operate in a way that brings joy to you all. 

We are forever grateful for the audience and the extended, non-stop support you all persistently give. Bare with us!! We love you!! Thank you!! 

Stay safe, and God Bless you ALL!

- John De Leon, Latin Sol Ent. 

LATIN SOL Opening for Midnight Star!


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